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Every year, we teach more than 15 transfer pricing workshops presented in Singapore and Australia with in excess of 300 participants from all over Asia.

If you missed any of the events, the ISCA Journal has published summaries of our workshops with the key highlights, you can access the summaries in the links below. Happy reading!  

2019 Transfer Pricing Workshops

✔️ The ins and outs of TP Documentation

✔️ key tips and best practices of TP functional analysis

✔️ Transfer Pricing Methods

✔️ The finer points of transfer pricing benchmarking

✔️ Services Transactions

Watch the video below to know more about ISCA workshops ⬇️

2018 Transfer Pricing Workshops

✔️Busting Services Transactions Myths 

✔️SIATP Drums to the Beat of Transfer pricing

✔️Classic TP Hits and Contemporaries

✔️Don't Trip Over Transfer Pricing Risks

✔️ Rising High Above TP Risks

✔️Sense and Sensibility of TP Methods