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Do you have all the necessary transfer pricing policies and risk assessments in place for the intercompany related party transactions of your foreign subsidiaries?

Ask us how we can assist you with:

  • Transfer pricing planning and implementation of new business structures
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation, Master File and Local File
  • BEPS and Country by Country Reporting implementation
  • Development and review of transfer pricing policy
  • Transfer pricing risk reviews, APAs and audit defense
  • Benchmarking studies covering all types of transactions and regions with access to databases
  • Preparation and review of intercompany agreements
  • Fast-track intercompany agreement drafting 
  • In-house transfer pricing workshops and training sessions
  • In-house transfer pricing advisory

10 Jan

Managing TP in Financial Transactions & Loans

The OECD guidance emphasised that, besides interest rates, all terms and conditions of the financing transactions (including the volume of debt) should be tested against the arm’s length principle.

13 Oct '20

Transfer Pricing Singapore HQ

Are your controlled transactions in line with the transfer pricing legislation? Mistakes in pricing will roll over from year to year. It is crucial to identify mispricing as soon as possible to better manager the transfer pricing risk.

13 Oct '20

Transfer Pricing for Singapore Subsidiaries

A US multinational company with subsidiaries around the world, including Singapore, recently prepared new US transfer pricing documentation.

The company applies their transfer pricing policies on a global basis. The US tax director instructs the Singapore tax director to use this documentation. Is the US documentation acceptable in Singapore?