About Us

About Us

Why is Our Firm Different? 

Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia is a boutique transfer pricing firm strategically located in Singapore to service clients in Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region. 

We work directly with your team, applying our experience and expertise in transfer pricing to provide, prepare, document and assist in defending your international related party transactions.  We offer practical, proactive and cost-effective advisory. 

Our clients include large multinational Companies with operations around the world including the Asia Pacific Region, Europe and US. We also team with accounting and law firms to assist their clients with transfer pricing needs.

Awards and Recognitions

Our expertise is endorsed by the following awards and recognitions:

Services for Accounting and Law firms

Our firm provides service to the wider accounting and law industry by assisting in providing transfer pricing services to their clients.

We currently performs a significant amount of work for second tier/accounting and law firms on a regular basis and can tailor our services to clients’ needs and budget.

Education, training and leadership

Shannon and Adriana, Directors of our firm, have extensive experience in leading training and workshops for CFOs and Tax Teams of large companies and for accounting and law firms with no transfer pricing expertise across the Asia Pacific Region. Their leadership roles include:

  1. 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Shannon Smit was appointed to the Australian Government's Board of Taxation Advisory Panel
  2. Shannon Smit is a Lecturer at University of Melbourne Law School, Master of International Taxation
  3. Adriana Calderon is a Lecturer in Singapore at the transfer pricing trainer by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Singapore Institute Accredited Tax Professionals and Singapore Institute of Technology.

In-house transfer pricing resources and assistance with implementation

Our team has experience providing companies with transfer pricing resources to assist in-house. We can become an extension of finance/tax teams where we are copied on ‘internal’ emails to ensure the company does not overlook any transfer pricing requirements. Clients feel comfortable to call or email at any time with questions without the fear of an excessive cost.

Our firm also assist with implementing transfer pricing policies and with assisting with transfer pricing planning. We aim to provide not just technical transfer pricing advice, but really ‘roll your sleeves’ up and implement it within the client.

Global Capability and Alliance

Our firm is the Singapore member of Altus Alliance, a global network of independent transfer pricing advisors with presence in 21 countries. Our global alliance relationship can ensure a seamless approach to satisfying your global transfer pricing requirements or we can team with your existing foreign country advisor.

Visit www.altus-alliance.com for more details.