The global focus on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) has brought Transfer Pricing to the attention of Tax Authorities around the world. Therefore it is important for companies to proactively assess and manage their transfer pricing risk. Local authorities in South East Asia are also focusing on enforcing BEPS action plan and transfer pricing. 

Compliance burdens, documentation requirements and audit activities create significant administrative and financial costs for Companies. The goal of Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia is to help companies reduce transfer pricing risks by providing practical, proactive and costs effective.   

Partnering with your team on transfer pricing matters, reviewing work already performed, performing comparable searches, acting as the tax project manager teaming with your advisor on large scale transfer pricing projects, or just assisting with ad hoc questions, we can tailor our services to suit your company.

Whatever type of work required, we take a practical approach to ease the complexity of day to day implementation by your finance team. Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia has been set up to have minimal overheads which keeps our fee rates considerably lower than staff at the Big 4 firms. This gives us the ability to spend further time to provide you with hands on practical transfer pricing solutions.

Our Value Proposition

Flexible Transfer Pricing Advisory - For companies without resources to have a specialist in-house and support CFOs, Finance Manager, Tax Managers. 

  • One time consultation over a call or email
  • Transfer pricing planning and policy for setting related party transactions
  • Transfer pricing documentation 
  • Local, regional and global benchmarking

Global Scope on Transfer Pricing Advisory 
Excellent Services
 - Quick turn around, quick replies (24 hours reply to emails) and efficiency
Price Flexibility and transparency on fees -  No hidden fees or 'plus plus' . We discussed any advisory fees up front.

Our experience

Our team has extensive experience in various areas of transfer pricing including transfer pricing planning, documentation requirements, planning and compliance related to Base Erosion and Profit shifting (BEPS) action plan, assisting in client risk reviews and audit defences, and advising effective international planning structures.

We also have expertise advising companies in most industries including financial institutions, pharmaceutical, software, resource sector, food and beverage companies, manufacturing and distribution, retail and services.

As a specialist firm we are able to identify and address transfer pricing exposures and opportunities, with the goal of developing and helping to implement commercial and tax-efficient transfer pricing policies and adapt them as circumstances change. When needed, Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia will involve transfer pricing professio