transfer pricing for foreign subsidiaries

Managing Singapore TP Riskstransfer pricing for foreign subsidiaries

The million dollar question:

Is your parent company transfer pricing documentation acceptable in Singapore?

A US multinational company with subsidiaries around the world, including Singapore, recently prepared new US transfer pricing documentation.

The company applies their transfer pricing policies on a global basis. The US tax director instructs the Singapore tax director to use this documentation to support the prices charged by the US Company to the Singapore subsidiary.

Is the US documentation acceptable in Singapore?


      We are a Tier 2 transfer pricing firm that partners with multinational firms, applying our experience and expertise in transfer pricing to provide, prepare, document and assist in defending your international related party transactions.

        Does your foreign-prepared transfer pricing documentation offer the following?

        • Adherence to Singapore laws and regulations
        • Transfer Pricing contracts
        • Perform local benchmarking
        • Penalty protection and reduce risk of audit
        • Relevance to local operations

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