Managing Singapore TP Risks

Managing Singapore TP Risks

Top tips to on how to manage transfer pricing risks.

Transfer pricing is an important and often complicated issue faced by MNEs and this is because a transfer pricing policy can have a significant effect on business profitability, taxes paid, shareholder value and a company’s overall risk management framework. MNEs are required to manage transfer pricing in a world characterised by different taxation rates, different foreign exchange rates, varying governmental regulations and in the context of increasing competition amongst revenue authorities for the lucrative tax revenue.

We are a boutique Tier 2 transfer pricing firm that partners with multinational firms, applying our experience and expertise in transfer pricing to provide, prepare, document and assist in defending your international related party transactions.


In the linked pages below you will find detailed information on transfer pricing for Foreign Subsidiaries and for Singapore Regional HQ. We look forward to talking with you further to address any queries you may have.

13 Oct '20

Transfer Pricing Singapore HQ

Are your controlled transactions in line with the transfer pricing legislation? Mistakes in pricing will roll over from year to year. It is crucial to identify mispricing as soon as possible to better manager the transfer pricing risk.

13 Oct '20

Transfer Pricing for Singapore Subsidiaries

A US multinational company with subsidiaries around the world, including Singapore, recently prepared new US transfer pricing documentation.

The company applies their transfer pricing policies on a global basis. The US tax director instructs the Singapore tax director to use this documentation. Is the US documentation acceptable in Singapore?


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