Top 10 Tips for 2021 TP Compliance

EventsTop 10 Tips for 2021 TP Compliance


Top 10 Tips for in 2021 for Transfer Pricing Compliance
27 August 2021
11:30a.m. - 1:10p.m.


Webinar Objective

Transfer Pricing has been a hot topic in recent years. As if this was not sufficient to keep executives awake, the ongoing pandemic certainly brought on an extra layer of complexity, not to mention the ongoing changes to TP rules and focus across jurisdictions.

  • Where are the key risks?
  • How do tax professionals even begin to peel away the layers to gain clarity on what is required?
  • Do the TP guidance arising from COVID-19 by OECD and IRAS still apply?
  • How do tax and transfer pricing specialists manage TP risks in such unprecedented times where information may not be available for benchmarking purposes or they are faced with unique situations?
  • What key considerations and best practices need to be applied to ensure a coherent TP report?
  • How does one get it right, right from the start?

What we'll cover

  • Understand the golden rules of TP fundamentals – functional analysis, benchmarking and TP methods
  • Know what goes into TP documentation and the implications
  • Get efficient on your TP compliance with these tips
  • Walk away with the must-knows and best practices to get TP compliance right


Webinar Facilitator

Adriana Calderon has extensive international experience with Big Four and mid-tier firms advising multinational companies in the areas of corporate and international taxation across South America, the US, Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

As a TP practitioner, Adriana has advised companies in the Asia Pacific Region across various industries and in a wide range of projects associated with planning, compliance and dispute resolutions with tax authorities. She has also participated in specialised projects involving pricing of financial transactions, business restructures and negotiation of APAs. Most recently, she has participated in TP planning projects to implement BEPS’s Action Plan and country-by-country reporting. 

*Asia Tax Awards 2017 by International Tax Review

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