Managing Transfer Pricing in Asia, 3 April 2017

InsightsManaging Transfer Pricing in Asia, 3 April 2017

Managing Transfer Pricing in Asia, 3 April 2017

In recent years, Transfer Pricing has seized a lot of our attention, especially in Asian countries. The tax authorities are catching up on the implementation of BEPS Action Plans, often adding compliance burdens to businesses. With two or more jurisdictions involved, the challenge is how we can satisfy all of both jurisdictions.

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) has organised in collaboration with Transfer Pricing Solutions Asia an intermediate TP class ‘Managing Transfer Pricing in Asia.' Together, we will discuss how you can manage your transfer pricing exposure. The class is designed as a platform to share practical knowledge through real life case studies.

Save yourself a seat (or two) for the latest transfer pricing developments in leading Asian countries! Know who you’re dealing with, their expectations, and how you can prepare yourself for tax reviews and audits. The registration is open until 27 March 2017. A special discount applies to members of ISCA.

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