Breakthrough with TP Benchmarking 05 April 2019, Singapore

EventsBreakthrough with TP Benchmarking 05 April 2019, Singapore

Breakthrough with TP Benchmarking 05 April 2019, Singapore

Back for the 3rd year after great reviews and feedback!

 “Be familiarised on this more complex area of TP and other requirements”

Transfer Pricing (TP) is currently an area of tax controversy that is widely discussed by tax professionals, business leaders, and tax authorities. One critical aspect of transfer pricing is the benchmarking analysis, which can often be a potential for tax controversy.

Programme Synopsis

Transfer Pricing (TP) – once an area that didn’t get much attention – is now a hot topic that is discussed both by tax professionals and business leaders, not to mention, the tax authorities too. Come learn about the intricacies on a more complex area of TP – benchmarking – and get it right, right from the start.

Understand what is involved in the preparation and see how principles are applied. Know the right questions to ask non-tax colleagues to ensure your analysis is done right. Learn about essential tips and possible blind spots may miss in their analysis.

Using a case study approach, this session will illustration the use of databases and provides you with a step up in your knowledge in this crucial aspect of TP.

Programme Outline

• Understand the rationale and principle of benchmarking studies
• Know how to perform a benchmarking analysis – illustrated with a case study using database
• Be aware of the do’s and don’ts for benchmarking analysis
• Walk away with key tips to minimise risks

Join this workshop organised in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP) and learn about the intricacies of TP benchmarking. We will share practical tips through a case study on benchmarking analysis using databases. The session will focus on practical ‘hands-on’ case studies and practical insights on how to do it right.

Register now for this unique workshop. Registration is open until 01 April 2019; special discount applies to members of SiATP, ISCA, SICC SMF and TPS clients. Please open the following link for more information about the event: Breakthrough with TP Benchmarking

For further enquiries about the event, please visit

Or contact Elaine Sow at 6597 5718 or email to 

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